BlueHost is just as reliable but cheaper

When I hosted my domain personally I got hacked 2 times, I ended up migrating to After a few initial hiccups the first year or so, its been nothing but rock solid. BlueHost is the cheapest of the three at $6.95/month. BlueHost, much like phpwebhosting offers SSH and SFTP access. Many of the integrated tools that Yahoo offers are offered from BlueHost and are installed for you via simple to use web interface. Examples of some of the tools available include: Wordpress, PHP-NUKE, Xoops, phpBB2, Viper Guestbook, 4images gallery, advanced poll, PhpWiki, and many others. There is webmail/SMTP email support and BlueHost seems to offer the most email accounts compared to the previous the providers mentioned.

The tools are all augmented by another tool called Fantastico that allows for painless updates of these tools. For example I had a Wordpress installation that needed to be updated because of a security release and Fantastico will download, install, and configure the new version for you.

The additional benefit of BlueHost is the ability to park multiple domains on a single account. BlueHost represents the best value based on a combination of price, performance, and features relative to the other hosting providers mentioned here.

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I've used a number of web hosting providers over the years. I tried and it was a good hosting site that had basic SSH access, the ability to run perl, php, and python applications with mysql. They have good support and have turnaround times of roughly 24 hours even on weekends. I could use tons of disk space, more than 4GB and not be charged by them, unless they thought i was being abusive, and i was not. The bad thing about using phpwebhosting was that my mail servers were constantly being blacklisted by spamassassin and my friends would never get my emails. The execution time that any cron process i ran, would be killed after roughly 30 seconds. They did not have any back-up utilities and i could not make any adjustments to apache in terms of redirects or handlers. Installing open source php/perl mods was very manual and often times would require support intervention. The price per month was $9.95/month

Yahoo! standard web hosting is robust but relatively expensive

Yahoo! web hosting has a very compelling web package. I signed up for the standard package that costs $9.95/month and offers up to 50 email accounts/forwards each with 2GB of space per account. If you're in need of industrial strength web email and email access via SMTP for your whole company then $20/month is cheap. If you're a sole propreitor with needs for only a handful of acocunts then $20 might be expensive since most other hosting providers will offer at least that many accounts/forwards and more. Other providers will offer some sort of webmail interface which will in most cases be adequte, but I have yet to use a webmail package that was as fast, easy to use and robust as Yahoo! webmail. You will rarely have to worry about being blacklisted since the mail servers are supported by Yahoo!, and Yahoo! sends a healthy percentage of the worlds email. The Yahoo! web hosting left some things to be desired, namely SSH/SFTP access. I would give my left arm to be able to manage all my files through something other than the web interface and with a higher sense of security than i felt i had using FTP rather than SFTP. There are some compelling reasons to use Yahoo! web hosting such as the web interface tools are relatively robust and bug-free compared to other web editors I've seen. If they offered some sort of web based code editor with color support so i could differentiate my tags more clearly then this would make their tools usable for more than simple updates. As an alternative Yahoo! does offer their SiteBuilder product that installs only on windows and runs as a Java Swing applet. It works well but it requires way too much memory and requires your system to restart often even with windows 2000 or windows XP. SiteBuilder comes with many nice templates for building a basic site quickly so it does have it's merits. Other unique features of Yahoo web hosting include some integrated components like stock quotes, counters, calendars, bulletin boards, and a guestbook, but these are tools that could be downloaded and install from open source providers.

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